For this 25th anniversary issue, we decided to glance backward and uncover just few of many artists-bands who are, or likely will be, forgotten in Detroit’s ever-deepening well of musical history; those who were, in some way, integral to shaping local music’s future, beginning in 1980. We focused on the 25 years that Metro Times has been publishing, and dug through our archives to find most of their stories.

Inside Out

Total rock minus the dicks

Who: Karen Neal, vocals, bass; Lynda Mandolyn, guitar, vocals; Cathy Carrell, drums.

What: A comely trio more interested in getting audiences off their asses than into their beds. They played unapologetically hard, fast and tight rock ’n’ roll.

Where: Paycheck’s, the Shelter.

When: 1985-1992

What happened: After high school, Neal hooked up with guitarist Mandolyn and kicked Inside Out into gear. “We immediately had a connection,” Neal says. “She’s still one of my closest friends.” They picked up Carrell along the way, overcame inner doubts and wrote heart-exploding, bass-driven songs with such teste-ready titles as “Killin’,” “God’s Shitlist” and “Dead Children.” So, no, they weren’t playing rock ’n’ roll for pussies. Neal says, “We’d get into fucking bar fights — I pulled a knife on a skinhead once.”

Inside Out is best remembered as one of Detroit’s only all-chick, punk, hard rock bands who earned their rep the DIY way. “We seriously did everything ourselves. We didn’t have any resources.”

The band did a couple tours, put out a handful of records and, as Neal puts it, “just ran their course.” But what was left in their wake was an ahead-of-its-time rock-chick ethos so rousing that up-and-coming female musicians still cite them as a major influence.

Where are they now: Mandolyn is a San Fransico-based musician who fronts yet another all-female punk band called Fabulous Disaster.           
Carrell earned a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan, played in the Civilians and the Gore Gore Girls, and is currently caring for her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Neal went on to form Thrall with Mike Hard (whose introduction came via Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra), the Dirt Eaters with Warn Defever (she also worked with Defever’s His Name is Alive), the handsomely monikered Lickitty Clit, Queen Bee and Brain Saw. Suffice it to say, Neal is still a sex-positive stunner who rocks harder than ever.

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Where the hell are they now?
Lipstick tracing 25 years of Detroit music

by Metro Times
music staff

Sans dicks: Inside Out in the '90s. (MT Photo: Jen Jeffrey)

Delicious vinyl: Inside Out's Karen Neal, version 2005.
(Photo:  Lord Blasto)

Tracing the tracks

discographies show
where they were then

by Metro Times
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Inside Out

Maniacs from the Motor City comp (44 Caliber Records, 1989)

Take You Apart, Put You Back Together LP (Meantime Records UK, 1990)

Do It Yourself Nose Job EP Vinyl (Meantime Records UK, 1990)

She’s Lost Her Head LP CD (Meantime Records UK, 1990)

Cesspool of Fate/ Mirrors 7-inch (Icon Records, 1991)

Mine To Forget/Blood Red Smile Tattoo 7-inch (Anti-Music Records, 1993)

Detroit Underground Series 3 LP/CD comp (Zahmbee Karlt, 1995)

Motor City’s Burning Volume 1 CD (Alive/Total Energy /Bomp,1998