Discography and Documented History
of Karen Neal

1988  "Inside Out" 2 song Cassette Demo - Self-Released

1989  "Maniacs from the Motor City"-Compilation on 44 Caibur Records- Detroit, MI -Features Inside Out

1989  "Splerk!" -Compilation on Meantime Records, UK/Profane Exsistence, US - Features Inside Out

1990  "Take You Apart, Put You Back Together"- Inside Out's Debut Album on Meantime/Profane

1990  "Do It Yourself Nosejob" - Inside Out 4 song EP on Meantime/Profane

1990  "The Last Tempation of Reid"- Guest vocals on Lard's Album/CD - features Jello Biafra with  
             Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker and Jeff Ward of Ministry on Alternative Tentacles Records

1990  "Cesspool of Fate"- Inside Out single on Icon Records- Detroit, MI (black/red clear/yellow
              and clear vinyl)

1991   "Do It Yourself Nosejob"- Re-release on Recordrom-Germany (green solid/red-yellow-blue      
               splattered vinyl)

1991   "Inside Out's Peel Session"- recorded and aired at BBC Radio One- London,UK

1991   "A La Tolie! -A Compilation by Visa" - Compilation CD on Visa Records -  Montreuil, France
              Features Inside Out

1991   "She's Lost Her Head"-Inside Out's 2nd Album/CD on Meantime/Profane

1992   "The Dirteaters EP"- His Name is Alive EP/CD on 4AD Records-UK/US

1993    "Mouth By Mouth"- His Name is Alive LP/CD on 4AD/Warner Bros.

1993    Unreleased demo by Pussyfoot - Featured Nate Buker, Dee Sparkles, Teabag & Jeff O'Brien

1993    Unreleased demo by The Dirteaters - Featured Warn Defever, Damian Lang & Melissa Elliott

1993   "Mai Pen Rai" -4AD Compilation CD Sampler - Features His Name Is Alive on 4AD

1993   "King Of Sweet" - His Name is Alive CD on Perdition Plastics-Chicago, IL

1993   "Detroit 1999-The Big Ugly"-Compilation on Tremor Records-Detroit, MI- Features Inside Out

1993   "Mine to Forget" -Inside Out single on Anti-Music Records- Detroit, MI( (black /white marbled vinyl)

1993   "7 Years Bad Luck" - Inside Out's 3rd Album-Unreleased

1993   "Do it Yourself Nosejob"- Inside Out Re-release on DingDong Ditch Records- Auburn Hills, MI 
              (On clear / solid cherry red vinyl)

1993    Inside Out Nominated into "Detroit Hall of Fame" by Metro Times Music Awards

1994   "Kickin' a Dead House" - Inside Out EP- Unreleased

1994   "The Dragon God" Live Jam w/ Princess Dragon Mom & Mike Hard - From the God Bullies   
              Cassette on Time Stereo-Livonia, MI

1994   "Kill the King" -God Bullies LP/CD on Alternative Tentacles Records- San Francisco, CA
             Featured vocal dramatization

1996   "Detroit Underground-Kickstart Series 3" Compilation CD on Zahmbee-Karlt Records-                                                         Brumath, France & Detroit, MI  Features Inside Out

1996   "Chemical Wedding" -Thrall's debut LP/CD on Alternative Tentacles Records, US/ Conkorell,
              Europe- Features Mike Hard of Godbullies on vocals

1997   "Requium for a Junkie"- Compilation CD on Alternative Tentacles -Features Thrall

1997  "Maximum Avant Cruelty" - Compilation EP on Alternative Tentacles Records- Features Thrall

1997   "I Want You" - Thrall vinyl single on Reptilian Records-Baltimore, MD

1998   "Motor City's Burnin"- Compilation CD on Alive/Total Energy Records - Burbank, CA
             Features Inside Out

1998   "The Virus that would not Die!" - Alternative Tentacles Compilation CD- Features Thrall

1998   "Lickitty Clit" -Self-Titled CD on Evil Eye Records -San Francisco, CA- Features Lynda
             from Inside Out

1998   "Falls From Grace" -Brian O'Blivion's solo debut CD on Brazen Overture Records -Detroit, MI
             Features guest vocals and bass.  Also painted artwork.

1999    "Fine" - Queen Bee's debut vinyl single on Alternative Tentacles Records.  Features
             Terry Bradley from Thrall.

1999    "Always  Stay Sweet" - His Name Is Alive CD on 4AD- Features guest vocals

1999    "Kill in the Blanks" - Vietnam Syndrome vinyl single on Ding Dong Ditch Records-
             Kalamazoo, MI - Features guest bass and Tim Pak of Angry Red Planet

1999    "Queen Bee"-  Self-Titled 5 song CD/EP- Self-Released- includes AT single

1999    "Anarchy for Money" - International CD compilation featuring Queen Bee on Detroit 
              Noise Records- Detroit, MI

1999    "The Ecstacy of the Agony" - CD compilation on Alternative Tentacles Records
             Features  Queen Bee

2000   "Queen Bee/Super-Electronic" - CD Re-release of Queen Bee's EP featuring added tracks
             "Fine" Re-mix by Warren Defever/Personna & "Hot-Alot"- Super-Electronic QB Recording
               Featuring Brian O'Blivion & Bravin Neff -Recorded by Bravin Neff

2001  "Badly Beaten But Still Conscious" - Brian O'Blivion's 2nd solo CD on Brazen Overture  
              Records - Features guest vocals and bass

2001-    2003 Made several appearances as guest host and live footage on "Crazy Mark TV"

2001-    2003 Made several live guest appearances dancing with esQuire

2001     Performed live burlesque show with SPAG burlesque troupe- Detroit, MI

2002-    2003 Hosted and guest-appeared several shows for "The Real Big Hair Ball" Hair shows

2002-    Currently writing an advice column "Talkin' Trash with Queen Bee" for website

2002     Made guest appearance in esQuire's "Brandy & Xanax" which aired on UK's MTV "M2"

2003     Made guest appearance in film documentary about '80's scream queens from the Evil 
             Dead called "Ladies of the Evil Dead"

2003    "Cock 'n' Roll" CD compilation on Sleazegrinder Records - Boston, MA - Features new
              Rawk version of "Hot-Alot" with original drummer Terry "B" Bradley & Joey "Fuckin"
              Mazzola on guitar - Plus Bonus QB Hot Pix!

2003     Featured in "Gigs from Hell" book edited by Sleazinder - Released by Headpress, UK

2003     Appeared in "Candy Coloured Blues"- British TV Documentary on the White Stripes              
             Focal Point Television, UK

2003    "Bride of the Aids Brain" - Bag of Hammers latest CD features guest back -up vocals
             on one track - Self-Released - Royal Oak, MI

2003    "Snake Oil Super Charm" - Zodiac Mindwarp Tribute CD Compilation on Sleazegrinder
              Records- Boston, MA -Features Queen Bee with Terry Bradley, Joey Mazzola, Karen
              on rhythm guitar and Jason Wrobel on guest back-up vocals

2004    "Detroit Breakdown" - compilation CD features both Queen Bee and Inside Out tracks. 
                Not for sale -Promo only.  On Chowtown Studio Records - Melbourne Australia

2004    "HotGoth.Net  Volume 1" - compilation CD features Queen Bee's electronic "Hot-Alot"
                  along with several goth artists from HotGoth.Net Records - Salt Lake City, Utah

2006     "Girl On Top" - Queen Bee's long-awaited, full-length cd on Hot Pants Records, Detroit, MI
                   featuring the current line-up complete with 12 tracks of radio-ready bliss!

2006     "Open Up" -  The Brain Saw's 5 song CD on Deat Beat Records, Redford, MI
                    featuring artwork from Chet Zar as well as kickass photos taken by Lord Blasto.

2006      "QB Live DVD" -  4 songs recorded in 2005...Coming soon!....

2007      "Inzero-Episode 7" - Detroit sci-fi series - I made a split second cameo!

2007     "Hula-Hoops are for Girls: Gender in Detroit Music" -  Iris Pictures Documents gender roles in Detroit's
                         music scene features interview with me and more!  Already won an award at a film festival!

2007      "A Detroit Thing" -   Brancleone Bros. long awaited Cinema Americano release featuring Kid Rock,
                         Queen Bee's original line up and more Detroit rock history from 1999 on!

2007     "Detroit Woman" - Music video by The Brothers Cortez featuring Punk Fitness Detroit.

2007      "Linda Lovelace for President/Pocket Pal" - B Side of single - duet with esQuire on Detroit record label
                        The Beehive Recording Co.

2007      "Honey" - Video by band SWiG - Hula-Hooped and danced in bee costume.

2008       "Punk Fitness Demo"- Live at the Blowout #11 Pre-Party at The Majestic Theatre on FOX 2 TV!

2008       "Punk Fitness Detroit Interview" - Live at the Blowout #11 on FOX 2 TV!

2008       "Punk Fitness Detroit" - DVD to be released Fall 2008.

2008       "WADE"- Hooped and acted in 15 Minute film short along with Mike Hard.

2008       Recording with They Never Sleep---release soon!!!